Printing an image from a converted camera is straight forward. Print as you would any other B&W image, but you may want to play around with your settings some to gain all you can from this process. As stated in post processing, you can usually push closer to the limits regarding adjustments on these files. But you should always make a few test prints to see what works best.

  I’m using an Epson 7900 currently, and find that the ABW (Advanced Black and White) setting works nicely.  You can convert the image to a digital negative for silver printing, or some other alternative process, such as Platinum. I have a couple of images from two of my converted cameras (NEX-6, a7) that I have had printed using the Piezography printing system. This system replaces the color inks in the printer with multiple shades of gray. This prevents color casts that color printers can’t avoid when printing B&W images. I’ve purchased a spare printer to convert to the system, and once I have this spare Epson Stylus Pro 7900 converted to the Piezography printing system, I will have more information on this page about the system, and some samples.

  You can look into the system by visiting Jon Cone’s website HERE. Jon tells me that with his system the printer will put dots in-between the dots that the Epson driver lays down. After looking at the prints he sent me, I believe him.