Here are two images shot with the NEX-6(m) with the ISO set to 100 and 3200 respectively. Click to view full size. You can see the noise in the 3200 ISO image at 100%, but considering that this is shot with an APS-C sensor at 3200 ISO, it is quite telling what the monochrome conversion can do on this 16.1 MP sensor. The usual digital noise you get at higher ISOs looks more like film grain than digital noise. There is a 5 stop difference between these two images! It is not possible to do this with film and get the results seen here.

ISO 100
ISO 3200

  This next image is a studio setup using the same camera without a Color Correcting filter. There is minimal post processing done to the image, simply because it didn’t require much. Nikon 50mm 1:1.2 @ ƒ 8, ISO 100 and one light in a beauty dish off to the right. Note the subtle tonal change on the backdrop due to the shadow of the brushes.