These test images were taken using my a7R(m) full spectrum IR converted Sony. These were shot in RAW format, and then converted to JPEG for use on this site. This camera has a 36 MP sensor, and the increase in resolution is great for B&W photography, giving the images a film like quality. This demo camera is a full spectrum IR converted camera, and all of these shots were taken without a Color Correcting (CC) filter; however, they are still quite sharp. I talk about the merits of using a CC filter when shooting outdoors with a full spectrum converted camera in the technical section of this website HERE. The CC filter cuts most of the IR light which contributes to an unsharp image. However, as you can see here, the resolution is quite good due to both the increased size of the sensor at 36 MP and the removal of the CFA, even though they were shot without the CC filter.

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