Other Brands

If you want to convert a camera other than the Sony brand, I may be able to do that. I’ve converted all of the Sony sensors in their current lineup, and also the Lumix DMC-G6. If one sensor can be converted, then most likely the others can be converted as well–most all sensors out there are built in a similar way. Many of the Nikon sensors are made by Sony, so those should not be a problem. See HERE for a list of Nikon cameras that use Sony sensors. This list is not complete, but is a good place to start.

If you would like to have a camera converted other than one of the Sonys, then I can evaluate the likelihood of converting your model. Sometimes I can do this by looking at images on the web. But sometimes there are no images, or the images are not good enough to clearly show the camera’s potential for a conversion. I charge $100 dollars to open up a camera for an evaluation. That money will be applied toward the conversion if I deem it convertible.

Use my contact page to get in touch with me to start the process, or to ask questions.